Business Processes


Re-engineering business processes and streamlining systems are a must to reduce costs and be efficient, effective, and competitive. Successful revamp of processes not only brings value to your business, but also shortens Through-Put-Time (TPT) to enhance your customers’ experiences.

NCS has been providing solutions for internal business functions such as human resources, finance, accounting, and front office outsourcing—the last includes customer-related services such as contact center services.


Helpdesk / Service Desk

  • NCS multi-lingual helpdesk agents provide business process guidance and technical support for software and systems applications. They are capable of managing a wide scope of business related needs such as business account registration, customer redemptions, and data analysis and maintenance.
  • Our helpdesk personnel assist clients throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Helpdesk services can be customized to be supplied on an as-needed basis or as 24/7 support. We have a ready pool of trained helpdesk agents available to ensure smooth continuity of your business operations. These agents are equipped with the latest technological knowledge and, being a Microsoft Certified Partner, we can provide value without your incurring extra training costs.


Sales and Marketing

  • NCS assists clients with market promotions that include new product launchings or communicating product advantages to clients’ customers. Our Technical Marketing Group, which provides technical sales and design consulting, advises clients on product features to meet consumer demands.
  • In other cases, NCS provides customer care and liaison to facilitate clients’ rebate and incentive programs with distributors, resellers, and end-users throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific region.
  • NCS has capabilities to provide a full spectrum of pre- and post-sales support. Such support may include cold calls for pre-sales qualifications, post sales product feedback from users, post sales product analyses, conducting technical surveys, and compiling research data based on user feedback to be conveyed to clients.


Administrative Support

  • For Human Resource needs, NCS can recruit for you a workforce to handle functions such as payroll management, administration support, general paperwork, and data entry.
  • For Finance, we can supply staffs for inter-departmental despatch, accounting data entry, financial document filing, and account information updates.
  • Beyond Human Resources and Finance, NCS can accommodate the administration requirements for an array of industries.