Executive Search (Talent Source)


You need astute professionals with key contacts and niche resources to shortlist for you candidates for senior executive roles, allowing you to extend the job offers.

Here, we search for and shortlist candidates for senior management roles and clients extend the job offer. Positions filled under ES range from junior executive to senior manager. ES candidates are found for you through various avenues, including business intelligence, international conferences, summit meetings, word of mouth from key contacts, social networking, job boards, our community network, mobile devices, and other niche resources.


1. Request

  • Fast response to client request by our Recruitment Consultant.
  • Recruitment Consultant works with client to assess job and candidate requirements.
  • Recruitment Consultant shares the general terms, procedures, and conditions to ensure mutual understanding and agreement with client.


2. Sourcing

  • Recruitment Consultant identifies and contacts the right candidates.
  • Recruitment Consultant interviews candidates, assesses their behavior, technical and soft skills, and those best meeting client requirements.
  • Summary report produced with comprehensive Recruitment Consultant comments, including results of reference checks.


3. Interview

  • List of candidates recommended for further interview presented to client.
  • Client conducts interview and proceeds with candidate selection.


4. Preplacement

  • Background Checking
  • NCS methodology and Recruitment Consultant evaluation and advice to both candidate and client on the position’s market rate have resulted in highly successful acceptance rates.
  • Confirmation of candidate offer, acceptance, and start date.


5. Postplacement

  • Postplacement care to maintain contact with client and candidate to ensure mutual satisfaction.