Offsite Development Center


NCS is the pioneer Malaysia outsourcing company for software engineering and information technology (IT). We built the first independent software and hardware testing facility in North Malaysia. The NCS Offshore Development Center (NCS ODC) is a high security, code and regulatory compliant, climate controlled, 24-hour testing facility. Our engineers script programs to troubleshoot, debug, and validate custom, packaged, or recalled software within time restrictions stipulated by clients. Advantages to customers are compounded when NCS ODC technical services are employed in conjunction with NCS business services.

With NCS ODC services, clients gain an edge over competitors. Benefits include:

  • Quality – Our systems and processes have resulted in fewer product defects, returns, and user complaints.
  • Lower costs – Clients reduce costs by eliminating large onsite testing facilities and expensive equipment. Clients avoid expenses incurred from advertising, hiring, and training project personnel amidst unforeseen absenteeism or resignations, or when temporary or seasonal staffs are needed. Risks are minimized for the daily costs, management opportunity costs, and team and business impacts associated with vacant key roles.The NCS ODC can provide a cost-effective buffer against unexpected onsite project delays, especially during peak periods of production.
  • Faster time to market (TTM) – NCS engineering lab systems and procedures have been tested, streamlined, and proven to shorten turnaround times. NCS ODC automated tests detect errors more efficiently and have cut test times by as much as 6000% over manual testing. NCS possesses a ready pool of seasoned engineers, and our ODC can accommodate projects of varying scales. Although deadlines are typically set at several months, NCS can mobilize its teams to accommodate urgent, high priority deadlines that require turnaround by the next business day.
  • Security – The NCS ODC operates under 24-hour surveillance and strict security protocols. All our computers are full-disk encrypted. Network and server traffic is encrypted in conformance with the Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm as certified by the U.S. National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) adhere to NCCSI standard. Testing progress and summary reports viewed by clients are password encrypted. Facilities include intrusion detection systems, alarms, and fire suppression systems. Our risk management policy includes having contingent plans ready.
  • Value added services – NCS is adroit at handling large scale, complex projects. NCS supplies expert consultation on test plans and project coverage. We identify problems that might hinder the completion of jobs. Our managers meet with clients regularly during projects to furnish interim updates and technical feedback for product improvements. Through our outsourcing options, we can supplement our ODC services with other services, for example sales and marketing support. 
  • Precision accuracy – For all major deliverables, NCS ODC test results are targeted for zero critical defects and a minimal percentage of defects.
  • Freedom to focus on core activities – Clients set the deadlines, provide their proprietary products, and NCS supplies Ready to Market (RTM) deliverables. Our ODC personnel manage the entire validation project. The recruitment and special training needed for a given project is managed by NCS.


Services offered by NCS ODC:

1. Software/Firmware Testing & Validation

NCS oversees the entire comprehensive process of software and firmware validation, which includes requirement analyses; project cycle and timeline forecasting; test case development and review; test coverage and strategy planning; operating system installation on desktop and embedded platforms; device drivers integration; test execution; sighting, filing, and rectifying bugs; and preparing validation summaries.  

Software and firmware testing can encompass: software applications, device drivers, BIOS configuration and boot test, and IO components (e.g. SATA, Audio, UART, Ethernet, CAN, GPIO, I2C, SPI, SDIO, IDE, SAS, DDR and USB). The scope of testing covers basic acceptance test, functional test, integration test, interoperability test, stress test and more. Our experience includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Microsoft Operating Systems (since 2005):
    • Windows XP, Vista, 7.0 and 8.0; Windows Embedded Standard 7, Standard 8, POS Ready 2009, Compact 7, CE 5 and CE 6; and MS DOS
  •  Linux Operating Systems (since 2005):
    • Redhat, Ubuntu, WindRiver, Suse 11, Meego, Moblin, Fedora, AndroidTM, and Tizen 
  • Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) (since 2010)
  • Device Drivers (since 2004)
  • Performance tuning applications, e.g. overclocking CPU and RAM (since 2005)
  • Compatibility test for Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) (since 2006)
  • BIOS customization tools (since 2007)


2. Automated Script Development

We develop automation tools or framework to validate client software functionality and features. Our automated tests detect errors more efficiently, can be performed 24/7, and are capable of cutting test times by as much as 6000% over manual testing, allowing resources to focus on other tasks simultaneously. NCS ODC equipped with full range of top end test instruments, guarantee top priority assignment that requires turnaround the next business day. 


3. Test plan creation and project management

For any given assignment, teams of highly qualified NCS project managers advise clients on test plans and project coverage. The same level of validation expertise that we devote to Fortune 500 clients is available through our ODC.  Our resultant deliverables have statistically met with 100% customer satisfaction.