Recruitment Process Outsourcing


NCS with our own recruitment systems and management process, we will help you recruit personnel to perform specific functions for your organization.


1. Request

  • Fast response to client request by our Outsource Specialist.
  • Outsource Specialist works with client to assess job and candidate requirements.
  • Outsource Specialist shares the general terms, procedures, and conditions to gauge mutual
  • understanding and agreement with client.


2. Sourcing

  • Outsource Specialist searches for the right candidates.
  • Outsource Specialist interviews candidates, assesses their behaviour, technical and soft skills, and shortlists those best meeting client requirements.


3. Interview

  • Interview and assessment by client.
  • Resources identified.


4. Hiring

  • Outsource Specialist provides comprehensive consultant comments to help client determine which hiring package to offer
  • Outsource Specialist assists in hiring negotiation with selected candidates.
  • NCS performs hiring and administers the payroll.  
  • Start date arranged, candidate onboarding and liaison performed to ensure client satisfaction.