Business Process Outsourcing


You wish for us to execute a full operation process, further ad examples to strengthen credibility of NCS, project management, and staff management.such as software validation outsourcing, contact center outsourcing, and engineering validation outsourcing.

With BPO, we deliver proven results based on the scope of operation agreed by clients. NCS provides trained resources for specific business functions. We execute the full process of hiring, deployment, project management, and staff management of the business process and operations. NCS project managers and operation team members are typically assigned on-site at client facilities. However depending on the business process and operational scope required, offsite services are available.


1. Request

  • Fast response to client request by our Outsource Specialist.
  • Outsource Specialist shares the general terms, procedures, and conditions to gauge mutual understanding and agreement with client.


2. Assess Business Process

  • Outsource Specialist ascertains requirements (technical & non-technical) to understand client’s business needs.
  • Outsource Specialist and NCS Technical Lead or NCS Project Manager perform analyses to address scope of project.
  • Risks identified; preventative measures incorporated upstream.


3. Plan & Design

  • Strategic plan crafted.
  • Resources mobilized, reassigned, or hired based on team size required.
  • Develop first reference of process flow according to the scope to be outsourced.
  • NCS assembles and trains team.


4. Execute & Manage

  • Arrange deployment and transition schedule with client.
  • Knowledge downloading from client (if required).
  • Strategic plan is executed.
  • Despatch work force and resources with the operation assignments.
  • NCS manages project for client.


5. Sustain & Enhance

  • Results measured.
  • Report submitted with suggestions for improvements.
  • Liaison to ensure client satisfaction.